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Blue 73 Chevy Nova. Clean title. Ive already put a new 350 crate motor, steering column, breaks, gas tank. new manifold and 4 barrel Holley. changed the points to an electronic EFI distributar. The gears where taken off the stearing column and there is a B&M slap shifter on the floor. air shocks in the back end. old Krager chrome rims. is not possi rear. The car ran when I left and have been gone several years and hasn't been started. my brother messed with some stuff under the hood and says it wont start now. (my brother is an idiot that had no place under the hood) the new engine doesn't have xxxx miles on it. im asking 4 grand obo. I would be willing to trade out even for a decent running small r.v. to travel around the U.S. the car is basically brand new under the hood and anyone with a little knowledge would have it running in a couple of hours. have paper work on all the repairs and fix ups that where done to it.